Our name

TOSAN is derived from a warrior horse by Persian legend. It represents loyalty and perseverance. We are driven by passion and we put all our values in our job.

We believe we cannot bring an amazing result without engaging our self in the research: our goal is to provide products with highest quality and durability.


TOSAN is a public corporation with 30 years history of continued effort on the R&D and manufacturing.

In our two headquarters located in Switzerland and in China we continued to develop innovative products to gain more and more recognition among professional tools users.
TOSAN is a registered trademark and adheres to MERITLINK group.

If you would like to learn more about it, please visit the website following the link below.


Our primary business function is the production, in our joint ventures and partnership enterprises, of power tools and accessories under the brand name "TOSAN".

All our well-advanced factories fully conform to international standards and allow to produce more than 4 million different power tools and 3 million hand tools yearly.

Today 1500 employees work in our three joint ventures, occupying a total area of 105.000 square meters.

Our products are among the most competitive within the international market. Our success has been possible thanks to: a professional and experienced team, the use of modern equipment in our factories, a regulatory compliance of quality control system ISO 9001 2000 and a constant collaboration with other world famous power tool manufacturers for many years.


Today we have a large chain of distributors around the world, which continues to grow every year; this is the result of our professional approach. Our successful sales strategy is defined by:

  • flexibility and loyalty;
  • different forms of partnership from joint ventures to exclusive agreements;
  • continuous support to new businesses;
  • advertising and exhibitions;
  • select the correct range of power tools and accessories for a specific market.

Our prominent experience on the international market helped us to design a wide range of products, which is renewed every year according to the modern market requirements. Quality, competitive prices, a wide range of spare parts for warranty and after warranty services; all these traits make TOSAN power tools and hand tools competitive against other manufacturers around the world.

Swiss design

At TOSAN, we develop the whole project from the beginning to the end. Our Swiss design team takes care of every single detail in order to provide products who can simplify your daily job.

Customer needs: the design process always starts with our customers’ demands and wishes. Every product always meets our customers’ needs and it's our priority to make it an easy tool to operate with specific features and with long operating life.

Development process from idea to the 3D model: our designers create some initial sketches and ideas for the realization of the product. This process mainly defined the essential characteristic of the product helping us to coordinate the first stages of work between design and engineering department. In the following steps are analyzed all construction, production and ergonomics aspects in order to arrive to a virtual 3D model on which will be refined the design combining out looking and internal structure.

Beyond the product: TOSAN cares about each aspect beyond the product: spare parts unification in order to reduce the numbers of parts needed to repair the tools, service documentation to ensure a safe and correct use of you tools, packaging design in order to deliver to you the products and its accessories in the optimal way.

Markets analysis and brand development: our teams, one located in the heart of "old Europe" and the other in the fast developing Asia are always focused to analyze the markets trends and to turn these input in a successful brand developing strategy and in an effective communication, in order to create a modern and worldwide recognized brand.

Strategy and vision

At TOSAN we continue to explore the potential for technological and application-oriented development of electric tools world. We aim to set a new system that can fit the necessities of our reference markets through specific marketing researches, shorter innovation cycles and a client-oriented outlook to deliver the most needed and innovative products.

TOSAN offers a "full line" that covers the entire spectrum of hand-held, semi-stationary and stationary electric tools and it is therefore able to position itself in the market as an overall tools supplier. We are able to offer products to our clients from our coordinated family of products covering all applications, both in the power tools and hardware equipment range.

Our declared goal for the coming years is to continue the development of power tools, hand tools and welding machines range, introducing new categories in order to satisfy all the needs of our clients.


At TOSAN we are convinced that only a motivated and responsible team can ensure success to our company.

The aim is to create a completely new "culture of responsibility" by transferring responsibility to specialized departments, and therefore individual employees; each of them carries out his job and ensures the quality of it.

We continuously promote the personal enrichment organizing specific training to increase the knowledge of the people and reward and recognize the self improvement of our employees.